Our committees are an opportunity for you to focus on a particular area that our organisation is involved in. They exclusively deal with one particular issue and one goal. Not everyone feels comfortable talking to people on the street or getting their hands dirty with yard work, so the committees are a great way to pick the part of the organisation that is right up your alley.

Resident-led Partnership


The resident-led Partnership, which manages the Big Local programme of events and projects in our area, was elected by members of the North East Hastings Big Local Group attending their first annual general meeting on 12th December 2013 at The Bridge Community Centre. 

The members of the resident-led Partnership are:  Ron Bennett (Chair), Jodie Cornford, Maureen Curzon, Genevieve Fernandes, Kat Frere-Smith, Jackie Gaunt, Graham Hodgson, Aubrey Ingleton, Cllr Jay Kramer, Sam Mils, Mags Pawson, Claire Power, Gary Rolfe, Becky Sargemt, Suzy Strachan, Richard Street, Alan Turner and Nadine West.

The resident-led partnership can have up to 20 members elected from the Big Local Group. Elected members can be:

  • residents who live within the Big Local boundary (the majority of members);
  • supporters who work, shop and/or use facilities in the area; and
  • voting representatives from constituted groups, organisations, public sector bodies or businesses who are based in or provide services to the Big Local area. 

The resident-led partnership can appoint sub-groups to help it carry out its responsibilities.

If you would like to stand for election to the resident-led partnership download the application form by clicking on the link below.

Aims of the Resident-led Partnership

In 2014 the partnership will be a dynamic group of community led members that are truly representative of North East Hastings.  It will hold regular meetings at which everyone has a voice and every voice is heard equally. The meetings will be democratic, well-structured and inclusive.


  • Strong, effective and active partnership.
  • Representative through people and skills.
  • Forward looking and progressive whilst building on past experiences and collaboration.
  • Local understanding of the Big Local ‘brand’ as a positive opportunity to make a difference.

Finance Committee

This committee manages the organisation's finances. If you are not afraid of budgets, balance sheets and tax returns, this is the right place for you.

PR Committee

This committee helps make the organisation better known. It puts together posters and fliers and keeps in close contact with the local press.


If you are interested in working in one of these committees, just send us a quick note via the Contact Form.

Latest news

£1 million is to be spent in North East Hastings for the community, by the community as part of Big Local grant scheme.  Find out more or how to get involved/give your ideas here

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